Learning carousel

Rabbits & Co - learn to ski with funny characters at the “learning carousel”
This is how the first skiing exercises work. Once again the Scheffau children’s ski school is bringing a new possiblility to learn skiing. The special ski carousel helps children, even the smallest children can stand on their own skies on the first day. The ski course is just fun!

“We have had a children’s carousel in our children’s Kaiserland for a long time,” says ski school boss and developer Gerhard Told. “But we wanted to develop the play equipment into a real learning equipment. From day one, the children should learn in a playful way how to properly stand on skis ”.


The principle

Funny figures like a mountain hare, a dragon, a snowman or the little snow emperor invite the little ones to take a ride. Together they do their laps through the snow. Guides for the skis make it easier to keep on track. In this way, the kids learn by themselves to drive in the right direction. Mr. Told says: “Especially the little ones are not that concentrated yet - with the help of our new carousel they even learn the snowplough by themselves. For this reason, it no longer happens that the children carelessly drive in the wrong direction or cannot stop. “The children get used to the skis in a playful way and gain confidence.


And above all: Learning is fun and takes place by itself. With this new development, the Scheffau Ski School is once again focusing on innovation in terms of children’s ski training. Years ago, the self-developed and patented MiniCarver® for the little ones made headlines. These can even be used without your own ski boots!

The KinderKaiserland®, the ski adventure park, in which children learn their first turns in the snow with fun and games, became the model for many similar facilities in other ski areas.