Mini lessons (2-4)

Maximum of 4 minis per teacher

New from the 2019/2020 winter season: SUPER MINI-SATURDAYS 45 min sniffing from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
For a try on Saturdays, register by Friday 6:00 p.m. at the latest.

The central point for the first few hours on skis for all of our youngest beginners is the newly developed and much wider roller conveyor, known as the “magic carpet”. Up to 3 people can be seated next to each other.

Parents and ski instructors use the roller conveyor as part of the trial lessons with skis and can thus provide decisive support and motivation for the children on the ascent and descent. In addition, the groomed slope is no longer affected by unevenness that previously resulted from walking on the slope with ski boots or winter boots.


Magic playgroung in the snow at the Wilder Kaiser 

TRIAL HOUR FOR children from 2 years in KinderKaiserland® Scheffau

Gerhard Told, head of the Scheffau ski school, has thought about ski lessons for toddlers between the ages of 2 and 4 years. He has found an optimal and patented solution: Years of experience have confirmed that small children are overwhelmed with 4 hours a day in a group.

In order to determine performance and attention, we offer a mini taster lesson for small children. All learning aids (magic carpets, carousel, golden coach …) that are available in KinderKaiserland® are available. Parents or grandparents can also take part in this trial lesson in the secured practice area. Under the guidance of specially trained ski instructors, the first attempts at sliding and sliding up to the first “descent” are tried out.

Of course, the prospective skiers will receive a reward at the end of the lesson. The ride on the Golden Coach is the perfect way to end every mini-taster lesson (in good weather). In a conversation with the ski instructor, further possibilities can then be assessed and discussed. To ensure that it is not too strenuous, the ski school offers specially developed light skis. You can hire the Mini-Carver® for a mini taster lesson.


The KinderKaiserland Mini-Carver®

The Mini-Carver is specially designed for the first “steps” in the snow. It is ideally suited as a learning and play device for children from two years of age. It is uncomplicated to use, light as a feather, rounded on all edges and provided with a binding that can be used with simple winter shoes. So the motto is: “Get in and let’s go!”

The advantages:
  • annoying trying on of ski boots is no longer necessary
  • risk of injury is enormously reduced due to the rounded edges
  • mini-carver enables both the first attempts at walking on the flat, as well as the first turns and braking attempts on small slopes

Therefore, the future piste fleas can try out gently and playfully whether skiing is really fun. If you take part in the KinderKaiserland mini-program, the mini-carver is available on loan.

“Helping Hands” project

“Helping hands” by supervisors or parents prevent the children from falling over and stopping the conveyor belt. A significant improvement in both the security standard and the “smoother” processing is guaranteed. The project was the result of a collaboration with the Kitzbüheler Alpen regional development association and is co-financed by the EU as a “Leader Project”.   Link