The mascot of the Scheffau Ski School was born on March 21, 2014. He inspired and enthused the children in KinderKaiserland® from the very beginning.

Snoki is a very big charmer and the children took him deeply into their hearts. At its premiere in March 2014 he was still a little nervous, but now Snoki is already a expert in snow business.

“Will you help me to take care of our KinderKaiserland®?”, Snoki asks the children during lunch.

There is a real storm of approval and all, really all children want to support Snoki as environmental detectives. He searches and disposes for carelessly discarded garbage in KinderKaiserland.

By the way, braking, maintaining equilibrium, bending over and paying close attention to where you are going with your skis are practiced. Detectives clearly enjoy demonstrating the skiing skills they have learned while hunting for the “dark spots” in the white snow.

You have the impression that everything is even more fun and that everyone is there with a lot of enthusiasm.