Cooperation butterfly children

 Butterfly children cooperate with the Scheffau ski school.

The Scheffau ski school has been helping the butterfly children (or the DEBRA Austria association for the promotion of epidermolysis bullosa research) with a series of charity and donation campaigns since winter 2008.

Due to an incurable genetic change, children’s skin is as vulnerable as a butterfly’s wing.


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 We try to help with many activities (flea market, raffle, sticker booklet and sticker sale). A special event of the Scheffau Ski School and the KinderKaiserland Scheffau was the “Royals Trophy”, which was also dedicated to the butterfly children - “Children help children”. (Emperors who were crowned in the final race of the ski school met for a common ski week.)

The elementary school in Scheffau also takes part in the some campaigns. (The proceeds of the school newspaper 2011 were given to Debra-Austria.)