Castle lift

Children’s ski course in a castle - yes, that’s only available in KinderKaiserland® in Scheffau

Up to the castle - that is normally a really strenuous thing on skis. Fortunately, there is the castle lift that takes us right up to our huge snow castle.


I’m curious what surprises we will experience in the castle … I’m not going to reveal that yet. The best thing is to look at it yourself. Yes, learning to ski in the Kinderkaiserland® in Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser is really fun. We experience one adventure after another and the day is over so quickly that we are looking forward to the next one.

The program in the children’s ski school Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser offers many highlights. In addition to the castle lift, there is the learning carousel, the grotto train, the dragon express. Intermediate skiers can go on the ghost train and maybe come along on a treasure hunt in the Alpine Igloo village. Whether a week will be enough to do everything. In any case, we shouldn’t miss the final race of the children’s ski courses on Friday. We can really show our parents what we have learned and how fast we are already racing through the gates.

Children’s ski course at the Scheffau ski school is super cool and really damn funny. The teachers always have sweets or something with them as a reward.