Ghost run

 Children’s ski course is adventure, variety, fun and lessons - all in one and all at the same time.

A number of little helpers support the ski instructors at the Scheffau children’s ski school in teaching the children to ski in a playful way.


A very special descent, which initially scares the kids, but which is fun after the first ride, requires very special skills from the little piste racer. The ghost train in the snow. There are stepp turns, 180 degree turns, schuss drives and right and left snowalls that dictate the direction of travel.

Huiiiii, that’s fun! A separate ski slope that leads through the middle of the forest. Everywhere dear, little, good spirits are waiting for the skiers. You have to whiz by very quickly. Fortunately, we have our brave ski instructor supporting us. 

The children’s ski course in the KinderKaiserland® in Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser offers a number of surprises for little ski beginners.

Years ago it was difficult to learn how to climb in a straddle step, nowadays everything has become much easier and more comfortable.

Climbing uphill yourself … that was yesterday. That takes a lot of strength. We’d rather go up with the magic carpets a thousand times. Simply stand still and be pulled up with the magic carpet - step out at the top and ski down where our ski instructor is already waiting and shows where to go next.

In addition, the magic carpet is roofed. “It’s like a big and modern tunnel” said little Mike from London. He has probably already taken the train through the passage. After using the ghost train you look forward to a funny ski run.

It’s really fun and “really cool”. Let’s do that again! Not without reason the ride on the grotto train is one of the most popular exercises for the little ones in the children’s ski course. It’s like the big ones - only we have our own elevator and our parents are not allowed in there. “Parents bump their heads ,” said Janine the 4 year old blond girl.