Treasure hunt

Children’s ski course with a special highlight - a visit to the ALPENIGLU® village of Hochbrixen. For our “red” and “black” groups.

A thrilling journey of discovery for little piste adventurers. The search for the “treasure in the ice” - an exciting ski tour where the little skiers can playfully explore the slopes of the SkiWelt and discover a real treasure chest with sparkling Swarovski stones …

Our ski instructors go on this adventurous journey with the little treasure hunters once a week of children’s ski courses. The basic requirement is that you have learned slope qualifications and that you are divided into a red or black group. So the ski students must be able to brake, i.e. snow plow, controlled driving and stopping. Then you are ready to rock and roll!

A treasure map will help you to discovered the route together. It goes in the direction of Brixen im Thale, where the exciting destination is situated, the ALPENIGLU® village of Hochbrixen - the treasure in the ice! The little adventurers still have to solve one last riddle to get to the precious thing in the ice grotto. A treasure chest filled with glittering Swarovski stones. Every treasure hunter can choose his own personal stone and get it fixed on his helmet as a discovery award.

The treasure hunt is one weekly highlight during the children’s ski course. Next one is the final ski race the next day. Our youngest participants are chosen as the weekly child emperors and princesses. They will get their crowns at the awards ceremony in the music pavilion on Friday evening.